• The entire image above was created with AF-LED7-Seg-3 font and Microsoft Word   --   Learn how in the user manual, and articles below...

    The entire image above was created with AF-LED7-Seg-3 font and Microsoft Word -- Learn how in the user manual, and articles below...

Welcome to FortuneFonts

When you need the most realistic looking fonts for electronic displays, click on "Browse Products"

The main advantages of these fonts are :

  • Extremely realistic representation of real electronic displays
  • Spacing between characters does not change when entering a decimal point or colon between them.
  • Custom characters can be produced by selecting any combination of segments to be displayed.
See Font User Manuals

Why FortuneFonts fonts?

Low cost electronic displays have a fixed number of segments that can be turned on or off to represent different symbols. A digital watch would be the most common example.

Fonts typically available for depicting electronic displays are often in the artistic style of these common LED or LCD displays. They provide the look-and-feel, but fall short when technical accuracy is required. Failure to represent an accurate and consistent representation of the real thing can be a cringe-worthy experience for the product design and marketing team, or even the hobbyist for that matter.

To solve this problem, FortuneFonts has released a range of fonts that accurately depict the displays typically found on low cost electronic devices: watches, answering machines, car stereos, alarm clocks, microwaves and toys. These fonts come with numbers, letters and symbols predefined. However, they also allow you to create your own segment combinations for the custom symbols you need.

When producing manuals, marketing material and user interfaces, accuracy is an all-or-nothing concept.


All product purchases include a license for print, webpage, electronic publication (e.g. pdf and eBooks), mobile apps, and for use in designing physical items (e.g. electronic displays). 


All fonts come with a user manual to show you how to turn these fonts into realistic displays according to your own design, in the manner of the images above.

These articles explain in more detail how to achieve realistic effects with these fonts .

If you need a customised font, email contact:

      Pete Cross, Technical Director, FortuneFonts 

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